Who We Are

Morimondo Abbazia Rotary Club was founded on the 26th of May 2013 as can be seen in our Charter Certificate.





Our Club has been assigned the number 84989 from Rotary International.




Today the number of members is 29.


Our Club meets for dinner on Wednesdays starting at 08.00 pm at Trattoria San Bernardo, Piazzale dell’Abbazia – 20081 Morimondo (MI). Visiting Rotarians are warmly welcomed to attend these meetings.


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Morimondo is a small town around 30 Km away from Milan. The most popular touristic attraction of Morimondo is its famous Cisternian Abbey.



Mappa Morimondo


Morimondo Abbey

It was founded in the 12th century (1136) by the Cistercians coming from the French Monastery of Morimond. After having moved to Lombardy, they maintained the name of their mother-Abbey (from the word “mora” in latin = swamp). The basilica, built after the construction of the Monastery (from 1182), is today the most interesting monument for visitors travelling to Morimondo. It reflects the design of Cisternian churches wanted by S. Bernardus: grandiose and solemn, in contrast with the austerity and poverty of the life of monks, whose merit was to drain and improve the agricultural territories.




Main Events & Projects

2017-2018 (In Progress)

Event Event details & Beneficiary
5st Rotary Historica Classic car and motorbike show
Beneficiary: Golgi Institute (Brain Bank)
Rowing for Herring Rowing in Baltic Sea with our twin Rotary Club of Helsinki
Burraco Tournament Beneficiary: NOHA ONLUS
Christmas Market Event planned
Christmas Concert Event planned
Christmas Dinner Event planned
Rotary Bike Day Event planned
Golf Cup Event planned
The “Earth Day” Event planned
2st Pararotarylimpiade Event planned

Some relevant project in previous Year

Rotary Year Event details & Beneficiary
  • Rotary Historica: Classic car and motorbike show
    Beneficiary: Bus for handicap guys of “Andy Group” in Abbiategrasso (MI)
  • An evening with journalist Magdi Allam
    Beneficiary: Association Heiros Onlus
  • Burraco Tournament
    Beneficiary: “Asilo Mariuccia” association
  • Rowing for Herring in Helsinki with our twin Rotary Club of Helsinki
  • Christmas Concert in Abbey
    Beneficiary: Poorer families in Morimondo town
  • Master chef Dinner
    Beneficiary: Poorer families in Abbiategrasso town
  • Rotary Bike Day
    Beneficiary: Pasta and rice for helping poorer families in Morimondo
  • Comedy performed by the acting company “La Maschera”
    Beneficiary: “Portico dela solidarietà”
  • Golf Cup
    Beneficiary: For helping earthquake areas in Abbruzzo (Italy)
  • Pararotarylimpiade
    Beneficiary: “SuperHabily” ONLUS of Abbiategrasso (MI) to garantue swimming courses
    for disabled people
  • Christmas Dinner & Christmas “Market”
    Beneficiary: “Un altro mondo ONLUS” for Mali (Africa) school project
  • 100° Year Rotary Fondation dinner
    Beneficiary: Rotary foundation and  for helping earthquake areas in Italy

Club Recognitions

After only 18 months from its foundation Morimondo Abbazia Rotary Club has already obtained two important recognitions from the Rotary Foundation. One for the support to the campaign “End Polio Now” and the other for “Per Capita Annual Fund Giving”.

Contributo campagna END POLIO NOW 2013-2014bogni Rotariano ogni anno b


Contact Information

For further information please contact our club:

President – Bruno Bocconi (bocconi.rcmorimondoabbazia@gmail.com).

Secretary – Mariangela Donà (donamariangela@gmail.com).

Sergeant-at-arms – Monica Speroni (monicasperoni62@gmail.com).


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